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Career Choices Lead Administrator/Teacher Institute
for Educators Responsible for Professional Development

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Conference Attendees
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For Career Choices Lead Teachers and/or Lead Administrators
Developing Leaders for your Career Choices/ Get Focused...Stay Focused® Series

Imagine that you could develop your own in-house team leader for your Career Choices/freshman transition course effort; someone who had the training and the tools to easily:

You will leave the Career Choices Lead Administrator/Teacher Institute with an action plan and all the tools to implement high-quality professional development to improve and ensure the success of your program.

Institute participants receive the Career Choices Lead Teacher Training Manual which includes:
You’ll also leave with the tools and knowledge to share with your colleagues about:
It's important to note...

This workshop is different from a two-day Career Choice implementation workshop (which is ideal for first-time Career Choices instructors).To benefit as much as possible from the Lead Teacher Institute, it is recommended that participants complete at least one of the following prior to attending:
Who should attend:

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