Focus on Freshmen 2019 - Santa Barbara
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Tanja Easson

Tanja Easson is a living illustration of why comprehensive guidance is needed for ALL students. After graduating from high school with high honors, high hopes, and a scholarship at the ready, Tanja headed off to the University of Utah just a few classes shy of sophomore status thanks to Advanced Placement and concurrent enrollment credits. All she lacked was a clear sense of direction and a plan.

She explored myriad fields of study (music performance, psychology, education, to name but a few), finally pursuing a major in English. Where do most English majors end up? In the software industry, of course! In 1996, after several years doing computer programming and software support, Tanja joined Academic Innovations.

Since 2001, she has worked as the vice president of curriculum support and operations and, over the years, has helped hundreds of educators around the country build and expand their Career Choices classes.

Tanja can help you understand the benefits of our internet enhancements:,,®, and The Teachers' Lounge, as she has been instrumental in the development of each of these websites. Powered by a belief that a 10-year Plan is a beautiful thing, Tanja is at your disposal to brainstorm course ideas or discuss any of our websites.