Focus on Freshmen 2019 - Santa Barbara
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How to Use the Online 10-Year Plan to Make Informed Decisions on Student Progress and Education Plans
March 19 & 20, 2019

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Conference Attendees
Create A Proposal For Your Administrator® is a unique repository of personalized data for each student. Because of the comprehensive guidance process that students experience during their coursework, the resulting data is a snapshot of their realistic plans, which can inform a variety of "next step" functions for both high schools and colleges. For instance, the data students create in their 10‐year Plan is invaluable when designing internship programs. Cohorts of students seriously interested in different career pathways can be identified and supported. Colleges can mine this data to determine the Guided Pathways to recommend for incoming freshmen. When students have access to their career aspirations and carefully chosen Skills-based Education Plan in their pocket - through the® app -- counselors and advisors can support them in making the best educational and career planning decisions.

This institute was designed to help you learn how to mine this data using the reporting functions available to instructors and administrators. Using case study models, participants will learn about the available data points and then have hands-on practice gathering, reporting, and using this important data.

For instance, you will:
  • Learn about the student experience and the pedagogical strategies inherent in the program
  • Explore the special functions and reports of® that will help instructors and administrators streamline their assessment and grading
  • Go online for a tour of this intuitive online program and explore reports using case study models
  • Study strategies that empower all school personnel to personalize their work with each student in advisory and academic coaching sessions
  • Discover the power of the® mobile app, an interface that makes it easy for students to share their plans with mentors or friends and to update their plans as they learn new things about themselves and their future
  • Experience the high-demand/higher-wage functionality of® designed to help students identify careers in demand
Who Should Attend?
  • School Site Executives (SSE) for high school accounts
  • College administrators responsible for Guided Pathways
  • Instructors and administrators who have had at least one year of experience with®
  • If a novice® user: Participation in the Overview® Institute is a prerequisite
** A laptop computer is required throughout this institute. **

NOTE: A general working knowledge of® is required to get the most out of this Institute.® is intuitive, and a self-directed learner can get this foundational knowledge by using the online help section of the program.

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